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Q: ESC-View program is able to run the motor from the PC. How do I know that the motor is in the saturation state? How do I set the radio throttle to avoid the saturation?
A: This is one of the important features that the ESC-View program offers to the user. First we should know that the DC brushless motor will go into saturation when there is excessive current, voltage and load applied on the motor. You must learn when the motor goes into saturation. On the PC, moving the throttle bar to the right will accelerate the motor and you will read mechanical RPM from the screen (You have to put in the right poles number). The further the bar goes to the right, the higher mechanical RPM. The two data should be in linear relationship. However, when the bar reaches to a certain percent of the throttle, the RPM will stop going higher. Depending on each individual setting case (the motor, voltage, props, PWM frequency), RPM either maintains certain speed, or can jump up and down irregularly. That will show you the motor is in saturation state. Any extra current that goes into the motor will become the heat, iron loss. The temperature of the motor will increase very quickly even under the very high velocity airflow from props.

Q: What does this mean 2AMAX BEC @6-12V ?
A: BEC means battery elimination circuit. The BEC circuit provides +5V to radio receiver as well as the power to the servos. The BEC circuit is designed by linear voltage regulator. Here is the math: Input voltage is +12V, BEC drains 2amps at +5V, then: Power input to the BEC: 12V X 2A = 24 Watt Power output from BEC: 5V X 2A = 10Watt Power converted into heat: 24W ?10W = 14 Watt. The efficiency will get worse if the input voltage is too high or drains too much current from the BEC. The switching power regulator is the best alternative solution for planes with many servos.

Q: My new notebook PC does not have serial port. I bought a USB to Serial cable and installed driver. How do I know my Com port number?
A: Go to Start-Control panel- System- Hardware- Device manager-Port. Check the property of new installed driver and find out Com port number. Please note: Once USB to Serial cable works in a particular USB port, user has to use this same port for the next connection, other USB ports may not work.

Q: Does ESC-View software and ESC Link Cable work with other brands of controllers?
A: No. ESC-View program and ESC-Link only work with Motortron System MDrive™ controller.

Q: How do I use the ESC-View software to select the User Mode which I just programmed for the next battery power on User mode?

A: Go to the Run-Test screen, on the right top corner, select the testing User Mode. So the Run-Test screen will operate the selected User Mode parameters. Also, this User Mode will be next time power on User Mode too.

Ordering Info:

Where can I buy Motortron System's Products?
All products can be purchased from this site or enquire at your local dealer.

How long will it take for my product to ship?
Two business days after receipt of order


Only purchasers of our controllers can tell of their successful experiences. Here are some feed back from the MDrive users.

***I tried the little 9 amp in one of our Baby Ace Parkfliers today. VERY NICE. I have never seen a controller this smooth before. I am impressed!I only played with it in Mode 1, but I can see that with a bit of programming, and custom set up, it will make the model even nicer to fly. Peter Richards

***I have to say one word WOW!!! Your ESCs so far are excellent! Your software being able to use the computer to "fine tune" is something never done. Very nice job! Kind Regards Richard P. Girardo Vision Hobbies LLC

***The only 2 identical brushless motors I have are EGo (Fiegao 20418L) but they start reliably every time in parallel. I checked first that they have the same Kv (by measuring) and took great pains to ensure that the Y-harness had exactly the same length of 6 wires and measured the resistances to check for a poor solder connection. 2 innerrunners on 1 MotorTron ESC in parallel works I used the default settings and the motors would start and stop together without fail. You can also reverse direction of rotation from the laptop -- that worked too. I won't be flying them for many months but its good to know I can. Great product. Rick

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