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How do we define the controller quality?
The hardware:

Printed circuit board: MDrive controller uses 2 ounces PCB and 4 layer designs on 36A and lower controllers. 4 ounces PCB and 4 layer design on 45A to 120A controller
(Other controller makers only uses 1 ounce PCB which can heat up controller quickly)

The FETs vendors: Vishay, Fairchild and ST. Vishay offer the most reliable FETs that provide the consistence performance throughout. The price is more expensive.
(Other controllers use OEM brands FETs. These FETs do not have consistent electrical character. These controllers may work at beginning, but the controllers do not have consistent performances. Many of them simply fail when the amperage goes up. Not every controller can provide the same performance even it comes out the same production lot.)

The other passive components: Since the controller requires working on the extreme condition, the PCB board temperature can goes up to 120 Celsius, we are very carefully to select these components. We aggressively test these parts even from the world famous manufacturers before we put on the pick and place machine.
(Other controller makers may adapt the cheapest parts available. But they forget if one small part fails during the running, it will let the whole controller fail too)

The software:

Motor start up algorithm: MDrive controller starts the motor very smooth with low RPMs. There is no jerk during the motor start and it runs the motor every time even on some bad made motors. We have this unique software on start up which it gradually increases the start up torque until the motor turns.
(Other controller starts the motor too fast and too much torque, sometime jerk a lot before running. That is not good to the gearbox. The users don??t like to be surprised when they start up the motor. Some controllers have problems to run certain types of motor.)

The proportional speed drive: MDrive controller can delivery a completely linear drive from about 2000 electromagnetic RPM to 160,000 RPM. The throttle goes up or down, the motor speed follows up or down in the precise manner. The low throttle can let the motor run so low speed; the users can land planes on desirable landing spot instead of crash landing.

The features and programmability: MDrive controller combined with proprietary ESC-View software in PC offer the most features than any other controllers in the market. Users can program six operating parameters through the ESC-View in PC and save it into a User Mode in the controller memory. There are three User Modes for user to choose in the flying field and can be selected by user??s radio transmitter in a very simple way. The Run-Test function in ESC-View software will run the motor in live. The graphic analog dials on PC screen shows live on how the motor perform in terms of RPMs, voltages and the controller temperature. The simulated throttle bar will tell the user exactly the throttle position and the all testing data can be recorded into PC hard drive saved as a file. We also considered the non standard issues about the radio transmitters and receivers from manufacturers. We let the controller record each particular receiver output pulse width, so the professional can setup where the throttles start point and where the end point is.

The professional hobbyist will learn a great deal through MDrive controller and ESC-View software. They can test where the motor saturation point on the throttle, the DC motor electromagnetic linearity, the KVs and find the best possible combination among the battery, the controller setting and the load (propellers).

There is none other controllers can offer these features, not even in industry standard controllers. The best of all, we offer to the hobbyist for free!

The controller is the most fragile part in the electrical power system. When the controller fails, the user not only lost the controller, they will lose everything. The expensive battery pack may be shorted and never recover again; the motor may be shorted because of the controller; and user??s beloved project crashed.

We know how important it means to you. That why we design and manufacture the MDrive controllers to be the best possible controller in the market.